We provide wide-ranging legal services to local governments and their related agencies and boards. Our clients range from very small communities without in-house legal support, to Conservation Authorities, to larger municipal clients who recognize the need for outside counsel to support their in-house team under certain circumstances.

The legal issues that local governments and their agencies and boards face are incredibly diverse.

Our Experience:

  • By-law drafting and review
  • Business Licensing
  • Closed Session investigations and determination of matters to be properly discussed in closed session
  • Construction, proposals and tendering
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Defamation
  • Expropriation
  • Freedom of information / Privacy (including Information and Privacy Commission (IPC) issues)
  • Harassment and human rights, including responding to AODA issues
  • Human Resources (Absenteeism, Discipline, Employment Contracts, Ministry Investigations -MNR, MOE, MOL, MTO, Occupational Health and Safety, Return to Work, Pension issues, WSIB …)
  • Insurance coverage / Risk Management
  • Jurisdiction and governance
  • Labour and employment
  • Policing
  • Procedure and Policy drafting and review
  • Procurement
  • Public Private Partnerships (3Ps)
  • Real estate (purchase and sale, easements, rights of way and leasing / licenses)
  • Risk Management and Claims review
  • Training for Managers and Staff related to: Employment, WSIB, Risk Mgt, proper note taking procedures for Recreation and Public Works staff, records management, Insurance/Claims & procedures, MTO and MOE audits and investigations.

Extensive Experience

We have acted for municipalities, committees, boards and police boards for almost two decades. We have done this both in-house and as external counsel and have provided advice to single-tier, upper tier and lower tier municipal governments. Working in municipalities allowed us to have a politically attuned insight into the inner workings of municipalities and the budgetary and citizen pressures those entities, and their employees, face. This invaluable experience will be put to work for your entity and allows us to have a particularly attuned ear for your needs.

Responsive Service

Local government issues are also frequently time sensitive in nature. We emphasize responding to emerging issues by providing our clients with practical advice in a timely way.

Service Throughout Ontario

We recognize that the legal needs of municipal clients are not restricted to a particular area. We appreciate that issues are common amongst geographically variant clients. We regularly travel throughout the Province to work with our clients, so that we can better understand their operations, their communities and their issues.